Tideline Ceramics – inspired by the sea and coast…

Hello and welcome to my website – If you like what you see and want to keep up to date, why not follow me on twitter (@rozdowen) and instagram (@tidelineceramics)?

I’m a (very) small batch part-time potter (and part time civil servant) with a (very) small home studio. Although I’ve been dabbling in ceramics for a few years now, it wasn’t until September 2020 that I opened Tideline Ceramics. I currently only sell online and notifications of shop updates and new pieces are made through twitter and instagram.

We live on the west coast of Wales, about 15 minutes walk from the beach and the Wales Coast Path, and it’s here I find my inspiration in the ever changing light, textures and treasures along the tide line. I use stoneware clay, mostly sticking to 3 favourites – anthracite, which fires to a soft slate grey perfect for pieces in the Sea Spray, Cliff Face and Stone collections; toasted sand which fires to a tawny sand perfect for the Seascape and Honeycomb Reef collections; and a lightly grogged white which fires to a textured cream which is perfect for the Shoal, Coastal Erosion and Sea Shore Sea Bird collections.

My work has settled into a core of pieces that are both functional and decorative, using glazes and carving to interpret our changing coastline. Why not take a look around my shop – you’ll find plenty of ideas if you’re looking for something special for friends or family, or just a treat for yourself!