Tideline Ceramics – inspired by the sea and coast…

I first got interested in ceramics through evening classes held at our local arts centre. I ended up going for about 5 years but when our tutor left for pastures new I  gave up for a while. I missed it though – the feel of the clay, how obstinate it can sometimes be – but, most of all, the feeling you get when you know you’ve made something good.

I eventually got around to getting a secondhand wheel and a small kiln and have set it all up at home. Sadly, I’m not yet able to do this full time, but maybe one day… My work is inspired by sea and coast of west Wales where I live, and my ceramics are a reflection of the colours and effects I see on my daily walks on the beach, once accompanied by Paddy and now by his successor Murphy-Thing, our dog.

Traeth y Morfa, Llanrhystud